Mommy Brain – Accidental Order


Dear Friends,

It is extremely possible to “accidentally” order something. How you may ask? Going in, creating the product you want, and clicking around trying to find where to enter a PROMO code… you click ~order~. My order says processing, but there is nowhere to cancel. Oops! Oh well, I’ve been dreaming of these return address labels for well over a year… with all the moving I never did it. So, here’s to quickly going through 140 address labels while I’m temporarily in this house. Let me know if you want a letter! I will gladly send away ๐Ÿ˜€Image


Miss Evelyn decided to show off in class today, and did her first official few “steps” of choreographed crawling. Today’s topic was milestones, so naturally Ms Sue started off with Evelyn while she was in the act. The look of surprise on our teacher’s face was as real as ours! What a wonderful milestone to share with families Evelyn has been around for almost 5 months now. This video is from post class. We all though the thing that would make Ev crawl would be the cat. Not surprisingly like a cat, she was excited for the whiffle balls. With much coaxing and reddened knees, Evelyn wasn’t quite up to the feat she had previously ventured.

Activities – Gymboree 05/08/2014


We started back up at Gymboree! Evelyn missed it so incredibly much. Her teaches and old class mates misses her too!

Today was a little bit different, since it was our first time at level 2. Luckily old Gymbo was around to ease our transition ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since we leveled up from 1 to 2, we received four free Music classes at Gymboree. We start our first one tomorrow.


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Fun – Earth Day;


ย For Earth Day, Evelyn I took a bike ride up to a nearby park where they had a Ladybug Release Event.

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My little Ladybug.


It was Evelyn’s first time seeing Ladybugs, and she had a great time!

IMG_3628 IMG_3632 IMG_3633

They were crawling all over her, and she was so intrigued!

Baby with Ladybugs

We then finished our bike ride up the Mountain to the top of Las Sendas. The hard trek is always worth the view!

Mommy Daughter Bike Ride

What did YOU do for Earth Day?

Skill – Learning to Nap (Without Milk)


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If you remember ~the good ole days~ and making a wish at 11:11, find no coincidence in my wish come true today!

Small victories with a baby tend to leave a warm-hearted Mother.

We’ve been trying to break Evelyn of her milk before naps, and milk before bed habit. She falls asleep on my breast, and passes out like a champ! However, it can make someone else trying to put her to bed extremely difficult. So, for about a month now, we’ve been trying a combination of Baby Wise and our own old methods.

It’s so easy to “give in” to someone so beautiful and precious, especially it being my firstborn. However, her dependence on breastmilk before bed could lead to problems later. We recognize this, we do.

Anywho, I’ve found that keeping a routine (or as closely as possible) has been the best course of action for my Daughter, and for myself!

If you take anything away from reading my blog, I hope that you find persistence and consistency is best. Don’t give up! However, listen to your baby. Really listen.

Thanks for reading,


Repost: 13 Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen If You Have a Toddler or a Young Child at Home by Kerry Acker


Repost: 13 Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen If You Have a Toddler or a Young Child at Home by Kerry Acker

Yogurt – Evelyn LOVES yogurt

Sweet Potatoes – Evelyn is fond of Sweet Potatoes

Frozen Peas – Evelyn despises peas

Oatmeal – Evelyn likes the rice cereal made with oatmeal better than others

Peppers – idk

Edamame – idk

Cheesesticks – Evelyn will probably adore cheese if she’s anything like her Mom!

Hummus – Evelyn will like Hummus if she’s anything like her parents. (I just started making homemade hummus two weeks ago. This will always be in the house!!!)

Bananas – Evelyn goes bananas, for bananas! Seriously, can’t rip this kid away from them.

Berries – Evelyn loves berries

Avacados – idk

Applesauce – Evelyn loves apples and especially applesauce

Tomatoes – idk